Séminaires Internationaux

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Introduction to Living Art

5 days Masterclass

The goal of the Introduction to Living Art Masterclass is to give the key to the artistic players of an area, to invest in the field of living art. The workshop therefore consists in the joint transmission of knowledge, the methods of creation, and the initiation of a specific network of all actors involved in the implementation of a production.

Artists, computer engineers, institutions and cultural centers, and academic actors are mobilized. All involved in the Masterclass, will benefit from continuing a relationship once it is completed, in order to develop a production activity of living art.


• Discover the living art and a method of creating associated

• Share a common culture in this field of art and a production method

• Working as a team, to know as well how to delegate and to assume his own responsibility

• Importance of the reality principle: to adapt the goal to the resources available and their evolutions

• Organize into a hierarchy the main questions of the project, identify the most important one


Day 1 : Introduction to Living art, presentation of emblematic works, modus operandi

Day 2 : Creation of simple work of Living art, Research and project definition for the artists, evocation of some principles AI, machine vision for the computer engineers.

Day 3 : Composition of the teams, work on the media and development

Day 4 & 5 : Developement and preparation of the public presentation

Day 6 : Public presentation of the works created during the workshop

Example: Halifax, Canada – 8 / 13 October 2012



Introduction to the Living Jewelry

Gyumri photo groupe

Partnership between Luys Foudation and Living Art Lab


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with the support of  logo_artefact

9 days Masterclass

The Luys Foundation has taken the first steps in transforming the deep-rooted artistic culture and tradition of Gyumri into a modern-day economy through the Living Art movement.  In realizing its vision to transform Gyumri into a Living Art hub, Luys is supporting a series of master classes directed by collaborators Florent Aziosmanoff, author, researcher and producer of Living-Art and founder of the Living Art Lab Paris whose seminal work drives the field of Living Art, and Pol Olory (Pulseo), renowned scenographer, set designer, and visual artist.

The team selected highly talented artists, jewelers programmers, and 3D modelers to take part in the first master class at the Gyumri Art Academy. Artists and technologists paired up over the course of a week to create prototypes of Living Jewelry. In the long-term, the team will continue to inspire and recruit more artists and technologists with the larger goal of continuing master classes on a regular basis.

Realization of 5 projects of living jewels, 9 day master class, which gather more than 30 professionals to explore the application of living art in the field of jewelry, to reach workable prototypes:

– Artists

– Jewelers

– Technicians

– Programmers

– Project managers / translators


– day 1 = introduction to living art

– day 2 = presentation of the technical means

– day 3 & 4 = definition of the projects by the artists / technical setup by the technicians and programmers

– day 4 & 5 = realization of the jewels by the jewelers

– day 6 = wiring

– day 4 to 8 = programming

– day 9 = tuning, public presentation

Gyumri, Armenia – 11 / 20 July 2014